July 26, 2011
Let’s talk about Teen Wolf again.

Sure, it’s annoying for me to bring this up again, but this a tumblr. What were you expecting?

So. Danny. The gay character on Teen Wolf. He’s gay. Did we mention how gay he is? And he loves men too. His favorite things include: guys, being gay, identifying as homosexual, and being SASSY!

This character is offensively flat. When he finally had lines in an episode, those lines were: *SPOILER ALERT!* “No.” “No." "No." "…I don’t know."

He was being questioned by Stiles, who raps up this uninformative conversation by asking if Danny finds him attractive. Danny answers with a sneer, because all gay men are sassy.

In this week’s episode, he pulls off a lovely deus ex machina by magically knowing how to reverse search a text message just as the plot needs to reverse search a text message. But he won’t just do it. Oh, no. Too much sass to be helpful. So Stiles convinces him to help—by having Tyler Hoechlin’s character prance around shirtless for him.

That really struck me as real. Because gay dudes fawn over attractive bad boys and will do anything for anyone that gives them the opportunity to simply look at shirtless men.

I mean, I got my house redecorated by hiring a stripper to loaf around while my designer ogled him.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Hoechlin’s character later beats on Stiles for putting him up to it. I’m sure no one on set bothered to think, just maybe, that it might be spectacularly homophobic. Sure, you could say that his character was just reacting to being used. Or, wait a second. In a previous episode, Hoechlin’s character is blamed for LOCKING TEENAGERS IN A SCHOOL AT NIGHT, ATTEMPTING TO MURDER THEM, AND SUCCEEDING IN MURDERING A JANITOR—WHEN IN REALITY HE HIMSELF WAS BRUTALLY MUTILATED BY A MONSTER (CALLED FORTH BY SCOTT) AND ONLY LIVED BECAUSE OF HIS SUPERNATURAL POWERS. His reaction to this? He saves Scott and his friends when Scott loses control. But use him as gay bait? He’ll bash your head into a steering wheel. That’s what he did to Stiles.

You could argue he’s only being nice to Scott because he needs him. Well, Stiles uncovered the Alpha (the bad guy, for you non-viewers), which is a much bigger contribution than, say, turning you into a fugitive. Which Scott did.

MTV, you turn 30 this week. Do yourself a favor. Look at your life, look at your choices.

And stop it.

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